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Qeshm airlines have been established in 1993 and started operation by leasing aircrafts.

In 1996 Qeshm airlines has started its operation with flights enrouted Tehran-Qeshm, Tehran-Dubai and other Domestic flights by the conclusion of the lease contract agreement with the owners of wide-body passenger aircraft.

Qeshm airlines first passenger flights started with two aircrafts and in 2000 the company had 7 aircrafts in it’s fleet.

The company was able to operate domestic and Holy shrines flights to Mashhad, Damascus and success to do operate flights to Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al khaimah and Manameh (Bahrain). In addition of passenger transportation, the company had owned two Ilyushin 76 cargo aircrafts with capacity of up to 50 tons and carried on various flights enrouted such as Tehran-Shanghai, Tehran-Istanbul, Tehran-Kabul and Tehran-Islamabad

In 2006 previous owners had decided to transfer the company and finally in 2008 sorinet holding company has bought the Qeshm airlines.

The new owner’s had purchased five Fokker 50, five Fokker 100, five RJ100, and six Airbus 320 aircrafts.

Mentioned aircrafts will be arrived into the Qeshm airlines fleet by the end of March 2013.

Now we restart our operation with four Fokker 50 aircrafts in southern islands of Iran and with arriving the new aircrafts to Qeshm airlines fleet, we expected to have new domestic and international routes.

Qualified service acceptable and honorable people of Iran are our target. We hope to be your host at least in one of our flights and therefore with pride we have carved Business Airline’s title beside our name and we are sure in Tidal Blue Sky we will be your first choice in near future.


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